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One Life Tree Service is treating for Emerald Ash Borer with our state of the art Arborjet's QUIK-jet Air 2. We treat using top of the line, most effective treatment on the market, TREE-age. Let our Certified Arborist, Applicator save your Ash tree today! Call 402-469-9063 for your free and easy estimate!

This metallic wood boring beetle was found in Detroit, Michigan and Ontario, Canada in 2002, and has quickly spread into neighboring states and eventually across the U.S. and Canada. The adult is a small, metallic green beetle only 10-15 mm in length and about 3 mm in width. The larvae live under the bark of the tree and feed in the vascular cambium. The adults typically emerge around June, leaving D-shaped exit holes in the bark. This ash tree insect briefly feeds in the canopy before reproducing and laying eggs in the twigs and branches.

Treat ash trees if EAB is reported within 30 miles of your area. Do not wait for visible dieback in the canopy, as there is a significant delay between disruption to the vascular tissues and expression of symptoms in the canopy. Delaying Emerald Ash Borer treatment could result in canopy dieback or tree loss. Applications should be made in the spring, about 30 days prior to expected adult emergence; however, treatment may be applied during the growing season (May – September) to protect trees.

Trees need to be closely monitored for symptoms of EAB as infestation builds in your area. In general, applications are not made more than once a year. TREE-äge® treatments for EAB provide 2 years of activity

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