The Arboriculture In Lincoln NE

As I drive around Lincoln going to my jobs or estimates I see so many trees that could use some help. Unkempt trees can make a city look trashy and ran down on the other hand well taken care of trees can make a city or town look beautiful and classy. Beautiful, well kempt trees help the way people view this beautiful city of Lincoln Nebraska. Sure a lot of people can trim their trees and make them look great but for large jobs or that professional edge why not hire a tree service. Tree services are small, local businesses that are trained Arborist. When hiring a tree service in Lincoln, NE there are a few questions you should ask them. First off are they Licensed Arborist? Any guy with a pickup and an old saw can say he can trim or remove a tree. Licensed Arborist have been educated and trained in tree work and know how to trim a tree right, remove a large tree over a house safely and are able to give advice about trees. Do they use gaffs or spikes when they are just trimming a tree? This is big, when a tree service cant get to a tree with a bucket truck that they have to only trim do they use gaffs? Gaffs are large spikes that punch deep holes in trees so that a tree climber can easily climb the tree. But gaffs should only be used when removing a tree and never when they are just trimming. Are they Insured? Once again anyone can just start "doing" tree work. I have taken down trees that one wrong cut could total an entire house. Make the tree service you hire show you proof of insurance, One Life Tree Service carries $2,000,000 of coverage just in case. Next just because they are a cheap tree service or an expensive tree service look at their work not price. Just because a tree service bids the highest does not mean they are the best and just because they are the cheapest doesn't mean they are the worst, look at the work, call their references. Last make sure you have communication with the tree service. Ask them to give you specifics about the job. Tell them what you expect, ask them how long the tree job will take, ask them about the clean up. You are paying for a service and you deserve to know what will be going on or how it will work.   

By Amon Vanderlinden